Hull Scraping Pedicure Ready For Presentation

7am rise this morning after a good nights sleep, to take the train to Toyohama with Noriko to watch the boat move across the port for her hull scraping.

Takehiko Mori, Minoru Amano, Akio Mori, Hidemitsu Fujita, Katsuji Oiwa, Minchinori Sumi and Hideo Lida, all worked fast and effortlessly to give the boat some well deserved love.  Cleaning her toes, the smelly, tough underbelly, like it’s the most normal thing in the world to do.  Such care.  She looks buffed and ready to me.

She sat next to another boat on the slipway which was receiving a new coat of paint.

Inside the factory a brand new fishing boat is being made, waiting for her birthday on the 26th of July.

So there you have it – the past, the present and the future – all focused upon, all important and a group of people all knowing this.

It’s midnight now and tomorrow she is pulled out of the water so I have to sleep

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