A wing and a prayer and a crazy plan – Let’s do it.

Sun hat – check, cars – check, boat – check, sea – check, crane – check, lorry – check, road – check, crane again – check, park – check, cameras – check, people – I hope, pushing – likewise, story told by boy into megaphone – check.

So here we go, hold on tight, we have a marathon to get the rest of the footage for the film.

It feels like waiting for I don’t know what and I think I’ve had my head in the sand in the last few days, feeling sick, maybe trying to sidestep the inevitable.

The day has been much longer than it usually is today, it seems to go on forever as we build up to this almighty effort by lots of very generous people.

There will be lots of hydration (Yasunori is taking care of taking care of people), battery charging, camera logistics and crazy driving around a 25 metre lorry in the middle of the night.

We start at 6am Sunday 14th July and don’t stop til Monday 15th July at 11am except for 2 short breaks.

We are about to enter the twilight zone, where anything can happen and the only way is onwards.

So wish us all luck, come down if you can to the park to push at 10am on Monday 15th, look out of your windows at midnight tomorrow if you live anywhere between Nagoya Port and the city to witness the big trawler glide past, or at 1am go to the park see a crane lit by beautiful balloon like lamps, lift our boat over the ginko trees into the park.

Or just imagine and we’ll see you on the other side. Hopefully with a nice film for the Aichi Triennale and hopefully with a memorable collective act eavesdropped on from the far corners.

I thank you all.

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  1. Kirsty

    Good Luck Ju! It’s gonna be tough, but you’re a tough nut. Can’t wait to see the pics & film! x

  2. Laura Wilkinson

    Good luck, Ju. This is such an inspired and incredible project. Reading your blog and Matt’s accompanying email I felt almost unbearably moved, so god only knows what the finished film will be like. Amazing. Wishing you and all the wonderful volunteers well for the next howevermany hours.

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